4 days until Karma’s “due date”!

Today Karma is on day 59!  Her whelping box is ready, she’s checked it out a few times, and is trying to get lots of sleep to prepare for the big whelp. Many breeders opt to do an elective X-ray around now to check for number of pups, and try to foresee possible problems.  I see the benefits of knowing number of pups, and how they are laying, especially in certain breeds that are known to have trouble whelping.  However, our berners have been great, and the breed isn’t known for big troubles with whelping.  If, at any point, we (or our vet) suspects any trouble, we are more than willing to do what we need, including X-rays, but we will not be getting an elective X-ray.  Karma has been doing wonderfully, and we’re going to leave it at that for now. 1794579_592836520821861_8129909839667791732_n We build our whelping boxes.  The box Koda used was built by my father-in-law and husband, and we left it in Utah when we moved.  So Karma gets a new one, with slight design changes (because I do not have the skill my father-in-law has!) With Koda, it didn’t even occur to me to “decorate” the whelping box, but this time around, my tweens and I had lots of fun! 10408771_594431943995652_7740526367111820882_n You can’t see it, but the outside of the box has paw prints too, and says “Tthe pathway to my heart is paved in paw prints!”  We had way too much fun! The PVC you see fit just inside the whelping box is called a “pig rail”.  There is a 3″ gap between it and the floor.  Puppies are quite good and wiggling out from under their Mama, if they accidentally get sat on, but if pushed into the wall, many puppies don’t make it.  The pig rail ensures a gap between Mama and the wall, and helps keep the pups safe. Inside our whelping box, we have layers of towels and blankets.  We save our favorite blankets (when I can’t get a stain out, but the blanket is clean and usable, just awkward!), and use those in the whelping box while the pups are little.  We are careful to tuck the blankets under the edge so a pup can’t get under them.  Once puppies are older, we will put a piece of vinyl flooring and some carpet for flooring. Next to our whelping box is our puppy warmer (for warming puppies safely while Mama is delivering other pups), our blank charts, our medical & first aid supplies, more towels for cleaning and drying pups, a scale for weighing pups, and their soft ribbon collars so we can assign their individual colors to their charts. Next up … waiting for puppies!  Stay tuned for updates and newborn photos over on our FACEBOOK PAGE!

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